Exit Strategy Planning

An exit strategy means different things to different people. Its meaning for you is only limited by your desires and your imagination. It may mean divestiture of ownership by sale, succession (family or management), ESOP (employee stock ownership plan), or IPO (initial public offering). Or, it may be an interim transition strategy to expand services or markets, relocate the company, reposition the company in its industry or in another industry, divestiture of non-core businesses, insure career advancement (by management without ownership interest), etc.

Without a doubt – it is a departure from your present state of affairs to something new and different. It is an evolutionary process in the life-cycle of your business and personal endeavors which will enrich the quality of your life and promote an uncompromising and financially secure future.

So, what is the first step? A blueprint must be created specifying, in detail, the part each professional discipline will play in the process. This blueprint must be created by an architect who has intimate knowledge of each discipline and the regulatory and code requirements that must be met as part of the process. Without the architect this process is overwhelming and most likely unachievable.

The disciplines utilized in the exit strategy process typically consists of a team of professionals including: three attorneys (general business, estate and tax), a CPA, stockbroker, personal/commercial banker, financial planner, insurance agent, benefits advisor, business valuator / appraiser, business broker or investment banker, real estate agent, and a general and/or specialized business improvement specialist.

RWI Business Services’ team integrates relevant aspects of all these disciplines to provide a unique, unduplicated proprietary approach to focusing your life efforts. Thus you are able to achieve your desired results in the most efficient, effective, tax-advantaged manner possible.