Business Assessment

A Business Assessment is designed to provide an objective view of your business, financially and operationally. It focuses on your business’ strengths, opportunities for improvement, ways to improve bottom line performance, and ultimately, how to enhance its overall market value.

As a business owner, you undoubtedly have an appreciation for some of the many challenges relative to selling a company, as well as the desire to maximize the proceeds you will receive from the selling transaction.

Plethora Businesses has years of experience in dealing with not only the common challenges present in most transactions, but special and unique challenges encountered when dealing with discriminating, particular buyers.

If you are contemplating selling your business, or are in the process of preparing your business for sale at some time in the future, Plethora Businesses strongly recommends your company undergo a quantitative and qualitative business assessment conducted by an independent third-party – RWI Business Services

The Business Assessment process and resulting report will allow you to view your company through the eyes of a prospective buyer, and with the analytical clarity of a buyer’s professional advisor.